Lusan Mandongus 2020 Fashion Show
Posted: April 23, 2019

Lusan Mandongus 2020 Fashion Show

Introducing Lusan Mandongus 2020 Bridal Collection that made its grand debut appearance recently at the stage of Si Sposaitalia Collezioni, showcasing the utmost elegance of the latest design as seen on our beautiful models on the runway.

Soft and glowing, each dress is design to shine in its own unique way. The 2020 bridal collection display lustrous of detailing of dazzling sequins and gorgeous floral embroidery. Our fabrics were carefully selected to uphold the fluidity reflected by the outstanding craftsmanship.

One special highlight of this new collection is none other than the beautiful motif that resembles the bursting of sparkles. The gorgeous union of this unique pattern embellished on light fabric creates glamorous look yet flattering for sophisticated brides.

The showcase also sees an array of graceful classic silhouettes while preserving the art of layering through the ornament of romantic blooming floral appliques, lace and glistening beadwork. Pretty little flowers and dazzling beads can be seen layered on lace underlay for an ultimate enchanting style.

Focusing on exuding subtleness in each of its wedding dresses through the finesse of layering technique truly reflects our team of designers’ signature style. Subtle sparkle on airy tulle creates magical touch and breathe life into this compilation of amazing designs.

While crafting this collection, our designers kept comfort and style as priority and by putting together these intricate detailing, the 2020 bridal collection of Lusan Mandongus will definitely hold a place in the hearts of our brides-to-be. The collection exhibits the expression of Lusan Mandongus’ fundamental characteristic, of sophistication and effortless beauty.